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Introducing the Law Student Guide to Free Legal Research

Here’s a couple things I believe:

  1. There are several providers of free legal information out there that are reliable enough to recommend to my patrons to use.
  2. Librarians need to collaborate and communicate more with information vendors – all information vendors…Wexis, ILS providers, independents and non-profits.
  3. Most legal research educational materials suck.  They’re dry and the publisher bias contained within some is almost laughable.
  4. Legal information vendors use tactics to get law students hooked on their products that would make a drug dealer blush.

So, when Tom Bruce emailed me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in creating a Free Law Research Guide aimed at law students, I jumped at the chance.  Without further ado, I present to you The Law Student Guide to Free Legal Research.


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The Library Blog is Dead. Long Live the Library Blog.

Credit: Toothpaste for Dinner

Outreach Librarian is in some ways the job title equivalent of “other duties as assigned.”  For me, that means that I’m responsible for my library’s blog and other Web 2.0 endeavors.   Like many library blogs, ours is on life support, if not officially dead.


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