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4323775264_16da351a93Do you want an iPod Nano, specifically an iPod Nano 8G sent out by Westlaw as part of their recent WestlawNext promotion?  Because I sure as Hell don’t.

I’ve waited a week and I can’t a definitive answer on whether or not my initial plan to auction off the iPod and donate the proceeds to charity is allowable.  And honestly? I’ve had just about enough hassles this week and I’m sure any money changing hands with this thing would just be more trouble than it would be worth.  I have been in contact with West throughout this process and they said it is mine to dispose of as I wish.

So I’m giving the sucker away.

4332457410_0cdd08b2a5Here’s how it’s gonna work:  You want the iPod?  Leave a comment here with a valid email address that I can contact you at.  (Don’t worry, you don’t have to write it out so everyone can see it..I’ll see it if you put it in when you leave the comment . You don’t have to even leave your real name publicly if you want a Westlaw iPod on the DL.)  You have until 12:01 am, Saturday February 13, 2010.   At that time I’ll randomly select a comment and notify the winner. I’ll even ship it to you out of my own pocket.

Please note: any comment that calls me a name that rhymes with “punt” or “witch” will be automatically disqualified from the raffle and not published per my blog comment policy.

I have an iPhone, but I’m not a real expert on apple products.  I guess it’s a real nifty whiz bang sort of gadget.  You can read the specs on it here. It’s 8G, orange, shoots and shows video.  Retail value $149.  As you can see in the picture of the back, it does have “compliments of WestlawNext” written on it.  I guess there’s some sort of advertisement also pre-loaded on it, but I haven’t watched it.  I’ve not even taken it out of the box except to get the picture you see here.

So, free iPod.  Woo.

(EDITED TO ADD: Just to be clear, I’m going to assign each comment a number (e.g. 1 – 57) and have a friend pick a number between 1 and 57.  The winning number gets the iPod.  So you can leave your thoughts, comments, etc in addition to your name, but it really is going to be a random drawing.)



  1. As someone who does not use Westlaw products and therefore would not fall under any influence from them, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.

  2. since I’m too cheap and too still annoyed at Apple DRM to actually buy an ipod, I guess this would be a way to get one without feeling quite so guilty :)

  3. It may be too late to suggest this, but have you considered just giving it to a charitable organization? There may be some libraries that have iPods for check out, for instance, or some charity might be holding an auction in the future and then they could take care of the auction-related headaches.

    Regardless, I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your posts of late. Very thought-provoking!

  4. Well, I’m a medical librarian who has never and probably never will use Westlaw, so no influence there. Although it’s sort of scarlet letter (or should that be orange letter) with its branding, it has a great story behind it for teaching ethics to any librarians or lawyers who might ask about it (I doubt the guys on the bus would know what Westlaw was at all). Anyway, regardless of where it goes, your posts have been great about it. Good luck.

  5. What Krista and “me” say goes here as well. It’s increasingly unlikely that I’ll ever cough up my own bucks for any Jobs-anointed product, and I neither write about nor work with Westlaw products. But I’d take it–although JKBeitz has an excellent suggestion.

  6. The comments are amusing me. I am an LIS student. I wonder if I am risking corruption by putting myself into the drawing? I guess if I am lucky enough to win, I will just give it to my son as he is sans iPod and his favorite color is orange.

  7. If I win this now infamous iPod I’m going to scratch off the “Compliments of WestLaw Next” on the back and scrawl in “LEXIS” with a big, black, Sharpie marker. :)

  8. I’m in. I appear to have dropped my last ipod—for your entertainment, a nano3 named Melvil—in the Pittsburgh Snowpocalypse…

  9. As a peace corps volunteer, an ipod would really change my music listening style…would be great!!

  10. Hi Sarah, My name is Abby and I am a friend of one of your co-workers. I also happen to work at Dakota Woodlands which is the homeless shelter for families in Eagan. We would love to win this! Please enter us!

  11. I sure hope I get that Nano. I would be so good to it, and (Holy Cow) it is Gator Orange. Could anything be better? I think not!

  12. I would love an iPod, and I have the sneaking suspicion I have met you somewhere. In any case, here’s to small worlds.

  13. I would love it for my classroom! I am a teacher and would put it to great use with my little ones! I am crossing my fingers

  14. The raffle is over. The winner has been notified. iPod going in mail tomorrow when post offices re-open.

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