Using Technology to Work Collaboratively

Using Technology to Work Collboratively

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I’m presenting at the Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries (ORALL) Annual Meeting this week on “Using Technology to Work Collaboratively.” The conference takes place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is why there’s a heavy-handed football theme to the slides. The first part of the talk is some general things to think about when using technology for collaboration and the second part is a 60 sites in 60 minutes type thing, but really is more like 23 sites in 27 minutes.  Everything I talk about is free…as in beer, not as in kittens.  Here’s the resource list with links:

I. Scheduling

II. File Sharing
III. Collaborative Editing
IV. Website Annotations
V. White Boards
VI. Voice/Video Chat
VII. Virtual Meetings
VIII. Community


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