Daughter of Reinvention

  They say that necessity is the mother of invention.  But what about reinvention? When I was young I heard a quote by Michaelangelo that went something like “the statue is already in the marble, all I have to do is chip away the excess.”  I thought that life was Continue reading…. Read more →

The Sixth Estate

What is the purpose of libraries? I’m not going to debate whether or not libraries have a purpose. Anyone that advances the argument that libraries have no purpose in the 21st century is ignorant.  I mean literally ignorant. Basic computer literacy requires the knowledge of the difference Continue reading…. Read more →

On mental health

I always thought going crazy would be much more exciting. I thought for sure it’d be like the movie “Frances” and you’re dragged screaming through swinging doors. The sounds of me yelling, “…and you can’t really BUY kindle books!!!!” would slowly Continue reading…. Read more →